Marianta presented a sparkling program drawn from the rich traditions of the Netherlands.

Theatrical Musical Program:

'Annular Rings'

History of Annual Festivities in the Low Countries

With a touch of humor and a whiff of theatre the performance takes you right through the seasons, from New Year's Day through to the next New Year's Eve, stopping at all the feasts and festivals on the way.

Amusing anecdotes, background information, songs, tunes and dances breathe new life into bygone days when the seasons dominated life and the people lived from feast to feast.

The songs and dance tunes were performed to the accompaniment of accordeon and recorders, plus some more unusual instruments such as the shawm, crumhorn, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, hommel (Dutch dulcimer), rumbling pot, klepperklomp (clatter clog) and a tea chest bass called 'Kees'.

The audience joint in the show in many surprising ways!

Marianta performed this program in Dutch, English and German.

Marianta presented various exciting and irresistable programs:

Beautiful costumes from the Dutch Golden Age gave a special dimension to these programs.

The musicians:

Marita and Marian studied musicology at the University of Amsterdam and have been working with traditional music and dance of the Netherlands since 1976. They have produced a number of CDs, some of them with descriptions of the dance steps. They could regularly be found performing at international festivals all over the world. December 2005 their book 'Nederlandse Jaarfeesten en hun Liederen' was released, about history, traditions and the songs of the Dutch annual festivities.

The duo Marianta, sometimes joined by other musicians, presented a variety of programs and workshops. As well as playing their "Jaarfeesten" shows, they also appeared as troubadours at medieval festivities and combined with Rutger Dijkstra and Ad Bos to form the group Kapriol"!


Other programs were:

At the moment Marita still plays:

-with Frank Edam, Louis Stortelder, Hanneke Koek and Suleika van Holland in the group Altegaer (See:
-and with a pool of other artists in the group Het Vrijstatig Volkje (see:
There are several recordings on CD available. For performances see gig-list.

For bookings and information please contact:

Marita Kruijswijk
Kerkstraat 32
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Tel. 0516-421 612
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Who were Marita and Marian?