Kat yn 't Seil

Kat yn 't Seil plays folk music from the Netherlands. Since the 17th century the Netherlands has possessed a rich treasure of traditional dance melodies. Some, like contradances, madlots, sleifers, schotsen, polkas and waltzes, can be found in Frisian dance music manuscripts.
The Frisian folkgroup Kat yn 't Seil is one of the few groups in the Netherlands that perform these melodies. Kat yn 't Seil has much experience teaching these dances to audiences. Often these are danced in lines or circles and, apart from being great fun, are easy to learn.

Besides performing instrumental music, the members of Kat yn 't Seil have a repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs in their own languages: Frisian and Dutch. They also enjoy singing songs in the international language Esperanto. No matter which language they use, however, their striking harmonies always attract attention.

Coming from a seafaring background, sea shanties and seasongs have become a specialty for these talented musicians. Shanties are the rhythmic worksongs used by sailors in the days of the big sailing ships. The choruses are very easy and everyone enjoys singing along.

The members of Kat yn 't Seil have performed at folk festivals in different countries.

When perfoming outside the Netherlands, Kat yn 't Seil can introduce their music in English, German, French or Esperanto.

Kat yn 't Seil has produced several recordings.

Kat yn 't Seil comprises (from left to right):